STAZKO'S SPRAY                  


The Flagship Of The Stazko Product Line.
Stazko Spray is a dematting spray, anti-static conditioning spray and finishing spray for all coats.
On light and medium tangle coats go right to bathing, no pre-brushing needed. After washing, blow off excess water and spray the coat with Stazko Spray. Gently work through coat with fingers. Go right to force drying. As the coat dries you will see the tangles pulling apart under the power of the forced air. Dry coat completely, then brush and comb out. The brush out will take half the time you had planned on!

On heavy tangled and demattable coats: Stazko Spray will MAKE YOU MONEY! Estimate the additional brush out/dematting time/charge based on the traditional way of dematting. Now, saturate all the bad areas, spray the rest of the coat and put the pet in a drying kennel. The product is effective when it dries. When the coat is completely dry, do your regular dematting techniques. If you planned on 1 hour, it should take Ĺ hour or less, which means you, received double your hourly charge!!!

Stazko Spray is also a conditioning spray for drop-coated dogs like Shih Tzuís and double-coated dogs like Shelties. On double-coated breeds Stazko Spray will help remove dead undercoat quickly. If you have a power bathing system (Pump action) try adding 1 oz. to clean water as a final rinse on those large, double-coated breeds.

Stazko Spray is also used in the grooming competition ring for static because it does not weight the coat down and gives body for scissoring, while removing static.
Coats will stay cleaner and tangle free longer when using Stazko Spray. Your pets will come back for grooming in better condition!

Once you see the benefits of the spray you can sell the retail size to your customers. Many donít brush enough or brush incorrectly. If they just lightly spray their pet 2-3 times a week, gently work through coat with fingers and just let it air dry or blow dry, they will have a much easier time when they do brush. It becomes a knot preventative spray when used this way.

Short hair pets will look outstanding when used as a finishing spray and rubbed with a soft cloth or towel.

See what Industry Leaders Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs have to say about the Stazko Spray - Click Photo for YouTube Clip.

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